Mobile User Experience: The accelerator/stopper in Mobile Media adoption

I meet Jan Jursa for some years ago at the first UX Camp in Berlin. Jan present himself :


“I was born in Prague but I definitely speak German better than Czech. I live in Berlin
a very hot place to be πŸ™‚ …

I am Editor in Chief of UX Storytellers,
I tweet as IATV,
I co-organize the German IA Conference,
I co-organize the Berlin IA Cocktail Hour,
I am the EuroIA Country Ambassador (DE)
I am part of the European Centre for UX.

I am an Information Architect at T-Systems Multimedia Solutions.”

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Here is a interview with Jan about the importance of MUX in adoption of new Apps, Services, Hardware. 



1. Jan, tell our readers who you are and where you see your position in the Mobile UX ecosystem.  


Hi Dan, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be part of this interview. 


I work as an Information Architect for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. We build a lot of mobile applications and services at our Berlin office. So the topic of Mobile UX is very near and dear to my heart. 



2. You co-organize the MobXCon, what motivated you to make this step? Have you organized mobile or UX conferences before? 


I co-founded MobX this year to basically scratch my own itch. I don’t want to have to fly to Sydney or San Francisco or elsewhere to meet leading Mobile UX experts. It’s much more pleasant to organize a great conference and have everybody come to Berlin – at least, it is for me πŸ™‚


But, seriously; I – and the rest of the MobX team – try to give something back to the global UX community, simply by organizing a state-of-the-art, kick-ass conference … at a very affordable price, I might add.


We have been organizing the well-known IA Konferenz – the German IA Summit ( – for several years now. Our 6th German IA Summit is coming up in May, 2012 and it will be very enjoyable, too. 


3. Why do you think MUX will become ( or is ) very important for the mobile industry and will be interesting for us to join the ecosystem? 


You know, I have many computers at home. One of the most powerful ones is my current smartphone. And we all have heard this before: With great power comes great responsibility. User Experience is everywhere, and now that we all have those supercomputers in our pockets or by the sofa, as UX experts, we have to take on the job of helping to deliver a flawless user experience and to design easy and usable interfaces. 


4. Please let me know what can motivate me to come to MobXCon on November 17-18.10 ? 


Dan, that’s easy. a) We have 11 amazing speakers. You wouldn’t be wrong if you said we have some of the very best experts in Mobile UX today. b) We have booked an amazing location in the heart of Berlin. c) We will have free beer and a live band playing. Finally, d) MobX is priced very fairly, so people will find it basically pretty affordable.


5. What can we learn in your Workshops in the first day of the conference? Who will bring us in the world of MUX? 


Dan Saffer, author of two great books, will talk about “Brainstorming and Design Principles”. I’m sure you know that Content Strategy (CS) is the big thing nowadays. That’s why one of the most respected experts in CS, Karen McGrane, will teach us ”How To Do Content Strategy”. Josh Clark, author of several books on Mobile Interfaces will talk about “Designing for Touch” in his workshop. Rod Farmer and Gabriel White, two renowned Mobile UX experts will teach us all about “Prototyping Mobile Experiences”. And last, but not least, we have Darryl Feldman, Director Nokia App Labs, will discuss “Designing for ‘Microexperiences” in his workshop. 


So, there you have it. Five great half-day workshops. The only problem will be which ones to choose πŸ™‚


6. What are your expectations from us ( the mobile community ) ? 

The MobX team and I hope that many of our colleagues and friends from the worldwide community will show up. We are convinced this will be an amazing conference and we would really feel bad for you if you missed it πŸ™‚





We are happy to announce a discount for friends of Augmented Citizen of 60 Euros (82 Dollars). Simply go to > “Buy Tickets” and enter this promo code using the button below the ticket purchase form: MobX_Friends-of-Dan 



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