Review the Fourth International AR Standards Meeting

The day started @ 4:00 am for me. Was a trip for more as 4 hours to Basel, Swiss. Thank you Christine for all have you done for the AR community!!


For the first we must to clear the „Mission“ of this community. The AR Standards Community seeks to:

– collect/monitor progress and activities across a wide variety of SDOs (and relevant industry groups which provide open interfaces for AR experiences) in a consistent fashion with a special emphasis on
detecting complementary work/redundant or overlapping work, and then providing a neutral/grass roots

– driven environment (platform) in which leaders of initiatives can explore ways to coordinate activities and reconcile areas of overlap or conflicts

– provide, where and when necessary, inputs to SDOs and communities interested in open and interoperable AR (some of these inputs are the community resources–see Resources tab of this portal)

– detect the emergence of and provide a centralized place/forum for the expression of needs from the AR development community including obstacles to the growth of AR.

Our meeting goals was to obtain reports on activities and discuss progress in relevant standards development organizations:

– continue development of the community resources including but not limited to:
AR Standards landscape and status of what each SDO we are tracking is doing in the area of AR

– AR vocabulary and definition of terms (also numerous posts on the mailing list)
AR Use cases and Use case categories

– Open letter to AR-related subsystems providers and Communications plan
initiate development of new community resources and discuss emerging challenges which may be addressed via standards or open source interfaces.

Program Committee members for the fourth meeting currently includes:


We enjoy at the beginning from Open Mobile Alliance the Doug Knisely, Qualcomm (on behalf of OMA)  with „Mobile AR Enablers Work Item“

Rob Manson  and Lars Erik Bolstad from Opera continue with W3C „leaks or problems“ 🙂 POI WG, HTML 5, GeoLoc, DAP

Neil Trevett have presented, from my side – Device ( Developer ) side,  the coolest stuff for today. Open GL/ESWebGL, OpenCLWebCL, Device Sensors Framework  a lot, more in detail you can find on AR Standards ( thanks you very much Christine for your wonderful work to keep life this community ) etc.

Gerry Kim can not participate but sent us his presentation on ISO/JTC 1 SC24 AR Study Group, ISO/JTC 1 SC29 MPEG-V, I miss here my friend Marius Preda who is working on MPEG standardisation.

Anita from Web3D Consortium help us to have a image what are the movements in the 3D Area. On every mouth is now 3D, will be interesting what Added Value can 3D offer us. I have from my side some small projects – most of them on MUX. hope you will see some results on the end of the year.

George Percivall form OGC talked about their projects ARML, SWE, 3DIM. What was interesting was the GeoLocated SMS. I am curios if are some implementation for indoor 🙂


The breakout sessions can focus on specific sections of the new AR Standards Landscape, on the improvement of any other Community Resource, or may also serve as the first face-to-face meeting of a Special Interest Group within the community.


Then we divide us in 2 Teams, one to do the Formal Modeling and second to build a Topology Map of the Actual Standards from OGC, Khronos, W3C, OMA, Web3D Consortium etc.

At the end we make a plenary analysing the results of the day.



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