Review of the DroidCon London part I

I had a great time in London at the DroidCon London and have seen a lot of good content and gadgets. Because my interests are beyond the Smartphone I will start with the most ambitioned project I have seen in the last time on the Glasses. The future meets reality with Moverio BT-100, Epson’s newest venture in personal technology. The high resolution see-through display, Wi-Fi® connectivity, and smart navigation capabilities creates an innovative visual experience. The portable controller and headset allows users to browse, shop and stay connected while still being part of their environment. With Android 4.1 you can build very strong 3D AR. It is clear that we have see just a prototype from the new generation, but really to say I was impressed. I believe that this the form that will exist because is very natural, and use the maximum of our user experience.

To have more idea who is really behind this project I have made a interview with Hiroyuki Baba. Hiroyuki Baba was born in 1957 in Kobe, Japan. He joined Epson in 1984 after graduating in system control engineering from Kobe University. One of his first responsibilities at Epson was in designing the ICs for portable LCD TVs.
After some years spent in semiconductor development he was assigned to visual products, where he was involved in the commercialization of Epson’s first 3LCD projector.
In subsequent years Baba worked as a manager and general manager in areas as diverse as development, commercialization and marketing of products such as GPS systems, wireless technologies and LCD panels. In 2006 he was recognized by the Japanese Minister of Education for his invention of drive circuits used in LCD panels.
He now works in Epson’s smart glasses programme and was closely involved in developing the Moverio BT-100, Epson’s first head-mounted display. In fact, he was so closely involved in the development that the product was actually named after him – he is the “B” in BT-100.
Baba is married with two children. In his younger days he enjoyed playing football and diving, but now divides his leisure time among running, river fishing and golf.


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